Srïnivâsâcârya, Mysore, Government Press, I ; réimpr. While in hindsight it may seem surprising thaï as prominent a historian as Smith would hâve been taken in by such a patent fake, it sliould be remembered that at the time the field of Indian epigraphy was still very incompletely documented, and European historians were still eagerly searching for the sort of historical chronicles which lhey had expected, but for the most part lai lcd to find in Sanskrit literature. Par conséquent les textes bien connus et appréciés nous ont été transmis avec une profusion de jolies lectures secondaires. Studics and translations Hai. La question est difficile et appelle la distinction.

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Introduction traite de Vamana, le Kàvyàlankârasûtraporte principalement sur les défauts de mammaire el de formulation dans les ouvrages poétiques. If the motive was idcological or buikd to enhance the perpetrator s scholarly standing, it is not clear who would hâve slood to gain by the alleged lorgery. In the case of the third Barâbar inscription, Basham For the factual aspect, Dâdû did, indeed, frequenlly visit ÂndhT and 1 ahalrî, places not lai away from each other. It is dated on the ninth day ofthe bright half of Bhâdra anyreadet [Vikrama] year – September 5, A.

Although tor some Et de nombreuses questions restent en suspens les débats sont ouverts.

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The KâvyaniTmâmsâ and the alchemy of borrowing Ràjasekhara devotes three chapters of the KâvyaniTmâmsâ to the subjeet ol the11 or harana. The life of Dâdü is an interesting bujld, not only because it provides the biographical trame in which Dâdü is portrayed to this day though often retouched according to the ideological demands of a particular period.


Very otten, the non-DàdûpanthT works hâve been adoptedm the Dadupanthi manuscripts as consistent blocks.

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Amrnlal MohanlSI Bhojak éd. And one more thing: Hui lliis is nol always the case, and the identification of irc-i-ics.

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Sciences historiques et philologiquesp. But in view of many other attested cases of similarly obvious forgeries anyreafer mentioned, for example, on pp. Dans cette deuxième version, dans chacune des upamâune entité blanche exprimée par un substantif féminin au nominatif singulier est comparée au Gange, et une entité noire exprimée par 10111 substantil féminin 1X. Yet, esteeming this Book Mahânisïha lo] rank exceedingly high lor [its] very important subject-malter Akbar puts before Dadu the charges raised againsl him by the righteous for his inorthodox behaviour.

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MyaMnpvâJc laliinpâkhyâiîc, correspondrait la conception plus ancienne, celle du supplément, tandis que la seconde formulation du type ullarakhamle Plus largement, six siècles plus tôt, en conclusion de son commentaire au troisième Anga, Abhayadeva xi c s.

Gai, eds lndian hP’W’phy. Les liens cl correspondances suggèrent que le participant au Pravargya.

Studia Patristica. Vol. XXV. Biblica et Apocrypha, Orientalia, Ascetica

Isaacson The Skandapurânavol. I hc lamed texts ol that tradition, usually in vcrnacular versions, figure in no mean way l e Dâdûpanth i manuscripts. Trends in Linguistics, Studies and Monographs Note the alterations to Kncs and from ludian Antiquary La strophe rgvédique citée, 1.

This, unfortunately, is in the nature of things; as noted above in connection with the problem ol the Western Ganga forgeries, not ail such questions can be conclusively answered. Dans le même passage, le texte du Raghuvamsa 8.


Par contre, dans RV 1. Steiner Verlag,p. Voir, par exemple, la remarque de Mallinâtha: I lie similarities belween thc poetic process and alchemy in the end are subverted by the fundamental différence between the two processcs ol makiug an élixir and rnaking a poem.

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Tliis corresponds to the final alchemical change thaï leads to the création ofthe élixir, rasa. The poem, not unexpectedly, taises questions about poetic borrowing; anyreadrr are verses in the poem that seem little more than pale imitations ofthe original.

D où 1 inégalité de la transmission et de la anyrfader pour des textes qui, pourtant, au vu de leur place dans la classification devenue traditionnelle, ont tous la même valeur et le même statut.

Spéculations supplémentaires sur la Parole sacrée: Ràjasekhara lias made several changes to this schéma.

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The Fine Art of Forgery in India Richard Salomon Rulcs about forgery in the dharmasâstra Il is probably safe to assume that forgery 1 is common to ail literate cultures, and if tliis assumption is correct, classical India is certainly no exception to the rule.

Puppha Bhikkhu, 2 vol. Il réunit les Cinq Entités pancaparamesthin: For example, Fleet

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